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Today I am about to pop my Once Upon A Time cherry !! I love watching new series, growing up with the characters, feeling so many different emotions and just the bond you feel with each character, whether it be a love thing or just pure hatred !! It’s all part of it. 

From what my friend has described to me it is going to be quite an intense storyline !! I can’t wait to watch it !!

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s a series about fictional fairy tale drama, with so many different childhood characters who enter the real world, basically a series similar to the Disney film Enchanted, but mainly for adults (even though I’m nearly 20, but watch enchanted and other Disney films all the time). 

I will let you know how I get on with it !! I’m off to be a princess again 💕💕 


Talk about bad timing ❤️

In a strange turn of events, it seems that One Direction will be taking a well deserved break at the end of this year.

Unfortunately for me and my friend, they couldn’t have picked a worse time. 

I understand you must find this quite strange, so let me explain.

This year we went to Glastonbury and had an amazing time, what we never thought would happen is while watching James Bay, 2 of the One Direction members were also there !! Both of us being fans were so happy at that moment, it was almost too good to be true !! 

The next day we went to watch Kanye West, and although we was good, the crowd itself was quite rough !! We were knocked about and managed to end up in positions we didn’t know existed !! We joked to each other that if we survived we would go and see One Direction on their next tour (which would have been their 5th album tour) after 2 hours we made it !! Woooo !!! 

After a few weeks of joking we decided to put the plan in motion, even coming up with a jokey hashtag of the situation. Until today’s news broke !! 

Talk about bad timing !! We’ll now have to hope they do a reunion tour haha !!

Also check out my friends side of our funny story: http://www.sazzzxo.wordpress.com

Bigger picture 

Hello everyone.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging, my laptop doesn’t really like me.

I have come to a shocking realisation, in just 17 days I am leaving my teenage years, yep I hit the big 2 0 !! 

As I leave a wonderful decade filled with big adventures and amazing memories, I decided it’s time to take hold of my future and grab it with both hands.

I, like more and more people, aren’t 100% satisfied with my body  and am going to take you with me as I put myself through the paces as I accomplish my goals. 

Lots of love xxx

Best way to kick off a busy Saturday 😍 

 Hope you all have an amazing day guys xx 

A dis functional Virgo 

Hello Everyone 🙂 

First of all I’d like to say thank you so so much for the support you have been giving my blog !! It’s been incredible 😊 

I have now finally unpacked everything  properly after being home for a month (I know it’s crazy, and they say virgo’s are meant to be organised and tidy) so I will now be able to crack on with lots of posts and videos of different hairstyles and make up styles as well 😊 I’m so excited to get started !! 

I am now off to start on my ironing as I have had to discover it would do itself (darn it)

There will be new updates very soon!! In the meantime take care and lots of love from me xx

Spread the love ❤️

hello everyone,

I’m so so sorry I haven’t been blogging at all, unfortunately something came up that really wasn’t expected and I’ve been busy sorting it out.

But I’m back now, yeey 🙂 

I saw this photo yesterday and I thought I’d post it to spred the word and support people out the battling with anxiety, it is a horrible thing to go through and most people feel ashamed to speak out about it or ask for help. 

So please if you could be so kind as to re-post or re-blog this photo to help someone, you never know how far that little favour could go ❤️ 


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