Birthday treat to myself 

It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and as a present I was given some money to go and treat myself to something. I had come to the conclusion (with a lot of nagging and observations from my mum ) that I needed a haircut, as I was beginning to look like Morticia from the Addams family !!  

  Excuse the face !! 

So I decided it was a trip to the hairdressers for the day. I decided to go back to my old college, who is also open to the public so the students can practise.  I also thought while i was there I’d maybe look at making my hair a bit lighter, why not ey ??  

 And this was finished result  

 Afterwards I realised that I still had some money left over, and looking down at my legs I realised that i was in desperate need of having my legs,armpits and eyebrows waxed, I mean everyone has different levels of bad, but if they needed a new location to film the Jungle book my pits and legs were the place to go !! I saw that they had an offer on for a facial at 10.5o€ (which is roughly £8). I’d never had a facial before so I thought now would be the perfect time to tick that off my bucket list too, because why not ?!

What I didn’t realise was that the facial that i had chosen was a cleansing one, which involved my blackheads being removed (something I have to give myself a 20 minute pep talk in front of the mirror when it’s time to pop a single spot) I was not prepared for this and had to control myself from lifting my head up and nearly head butting something or someone. Mind you I don’t think it helped that I was getting my armpits waxed at the same time, they say there are 7 levels of pain and not sounding too over the top but I’d rate it a 5 !! Although once the pain was over it was definitely worth it !!

This was my end result, again I do apologise for the face, i was recovering. 


I must admit, my facial was amazing and I will definitely have it done again, I may just have to brace myself first xx


As of today I am now embarking on a new adventure.

I,like a few people, am quite insecure about my weight !! I was never fortunate enough to have a flat stomach when I was younger, but that never stopped me going out and having fun, being in a secure relationship from the age of 15, I was never really worried as my boyfriend didn’t really mind at the fact that I had a small layer of fat over my stomach, in fact he used to joke about it in a loving manner. 

Unfortunately that relationship came to an end and one of the ways I decided to deal with it was putting on a brave face and surrounded myself with work and my amazing friends, but when I was alone I was comforting myself by eating and drinking lol the wrong things that at the time thought were right !! Unfortunately I never thought of the long term effects it would have. 

After a while I fell into a cycle of comfort eating and drinking, as I loved on my own at the time, no one was there to point it out to me before it was too late, my jeans stopped fitting, my tops felt tighter, I was gaining a lot of weight on my face and I was developing stretch marks. 

Coming home made me realised how uncomfortable and unhappy I felt, so now I fell its time to sort it out !! Are you ready to do this with me ??  

 time to become happy and comfortable with my body again !! I can’t wait ❤️❤️ 

20, 20,20

Hey everyone,

Well I have now officially left my teenage years !! 

And I am missing them a little bit, but I am entering a new decade with amazing new things !! So far I have managed to bag myself a college course and start a new job 😊 so with that in mind I can’t wait to make this decade the best I can 🙂 I have so many ideas bubbling it’s going to be great !!  Do you have any suggestions ?? Where would you see yourself in the next 10 years ?? Xxxx 

Wheels in Motion 

Hello Everyone, 

I am just writing this to let you all know I have signed up to Macmillans Going Sober For October in order to help people affected by the awful big C !! 

I have known a few people that have been affected by Cancer. Some were strong and overcame it, but others weren’t so lucky. Unfortunately I lost a close relative to liver cancer !!

With the support of Macmillan thousands of people are helped to battle with Cancer everyday. 

So please if you could be so kind as to help out a little by donating whatever you can, I would be eternally greatful !! The website is
Thank you so so much ❤️❤️


there is nothing better than standing in the pouring rain !! It washes away all your superficial emotions and worries ❤️ 

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