The J bomb

So here we are January leaving us again !! its been a fun month this time around… not that it hasn’t been in the past, I just have a very bad memory, like what did I have for breakfast this morning ? nothing because i¬†forgot to have it! …… See a pattern forming here ?


Anyways.. January, a month of change, new year resolutions, the official end of Christmas and festivities for a little while… sad times. But also a new beginning.


Unfrotunately my new year hangover got the better of me, between the alcohol and the energy drinks I was very ill.

something like this would describe it


Mind you i don’t think rolling in at 12:30 pm helped the situation. I did however learn that if you are going to fall asleep in a car DO NOT go without water !! the Sahara¬†dessert has more water in it than my mouth did that day.

Also in January I managed to pass my driving test !!! YIPPEEE !

And last but definitely not least I actually went out on the pull (for those who aren’t familiar with the term it basically means meeting someone on a night out and having a little kiss) something I have never been successful at doing until two weeks ago, I managed to do it. Yep, I stopped becoming a nervous wreck and actually managed to pull myself together and sort it all out !! Who knows maybe I might actually be able to become more successful this time round !!

Lots of love



I’m back

First of all, I would like to apologise for my lack of blogging over the past few months, unfortunately when they were giving out organisaton skills, I obviously skipped the queue.


Second of all, Happy New Year to you. Hope you had an amazing time, I was lucky enough to spend it with my friends and family and

But now all the festivities and celebrations are slowly coming to an end it is time to get back down to business.

Hope you are doing well.



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