Back in Business.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s nearly that time again,another year is nearly under our belts.
Firstly I’m very sorry for my ridiculously long hiatus. Even though it doesn’t feel like it when I look back it’s actually been a pretty busy year. I’ve come to realise it’s not only physical or material acheivements that are the backbone of being productive and moving forward with things in life. I’m not going to bore you with everything in one post, so I’ll fill you in little by little.

It’s been a strange year really, full of ups and downs all over. There was the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (also known as the brexit movement) and also very recently the American elections of their 45th president to govern America (but we wont go into that).

So… the last time I wrote to you all I had just passed my driving test and was feeling on top of the world, I had been on the pull and was trying to get out there and sort myself out having not been able to do so the year before (2015).


February rolled around and I was lucky enough to get a car as a part of my 21st birthday present. The deal was they would pay for the car and I would pay for the insurance. It was such a great experience to be able to go places independently, I finally felt like a proper grown up (trust me anyone that knows me well enough, knows that’s a shock for anyone, I’m the biggest child around, but in a good way of course).


It was also Valentine’s day on the 14th of that month too, now that day could go either way, for people in relationships it can be a wonderful day, don’t get me wrong, it can be for single people too, but a lot, like me for the past 2 years, it can be a good excuse to sit and mope and eat pizza. But for some strange reason I was feeling rather good about it this year, so I decided, why shouldn’t I enjoy that day ?! So I came up with an idea…. me and my single friends would celebrate our love for each others friendship, I mean… It counts right?!… my first celebration of the day was celebrating my love for sport with a friend, so we went and watched our respective teams play football then we watched the rugby ( a strange choice I know, but being brought up in a family with 6 male figures it was bound to happen). Then in the evening I went out with two other friends and we went to a Valentines themed party, now usually I would be quite timid about it, but for some strange reason I was surprisingly optimistic about finding my dream man at this party, but alas I was wrong, unless you count a 43 year old man who spilt his drink down me and then claimed that I moved in the way of his drink to get his attention… Somehow I dont think it would have lasted !! Towards the end of February not a lot of interesting things happened really, so I wont bore you with it all.

It feels good to be back mind… Thank you again for your patience and for taking the time to read this.

Lots of Love,
Emily xxx


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