New Year, old me.

Well Hello again everyone,

Happy new year to you all !! Hope you all had a great festive period.

Well lets hope for my sake and yours that I actually sort myself out this year and organise my blogging again.

So we are in the last days of January, and I’m not being funny but it feels like January has been going on forever !!!

So a complete update from last year, I now no longer have my beloved car, unfortunately I had a crash 2 weeks before christmas due to bad weather (RIP Bianca…) was very lucky and only managed to fracture 2 of my fingers, thank goodness for airbags!

I also got myself a new job, being a live-in carer, which is a bit different, and for those that know me are probably thinking how the bloody hell I managed to get myself into that line of work… so I will tell you, but keep it short and sweet, my dad unfortunately had an accident last year and wasn’t in very good health so I looked after him and it got me thinking that if I could, why not try and help others that need it ?? so I applied online to a company and went on training course, passed and got the job.

I am now on my third placement and am looking forward to the new challenges 2017 brings.


Lots of love,

Emily x


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