20 Facts About Me.

Hello my lovelies,

So today is day 2 of my 31 day challenge… and today I will be revealing 20 facts about myself, here we go ……

Fact 1- My middle name is Louise.

Fact 2- My star sign ia Virgo.

Fact 3- I was born in Essex.

Fact 4- I moved away from Essex to Scotland when I was 3.

Fact 5- I then moved again when I was six.

Fact 6- I am left-handed, where as both of my parents are right-handed. 

Fact 7- My first word in Spanish was “helado” which is ice-cream (useful when you are six)

Fact 8- My first word in English was mum or dad, not very original I know but hey.

Fact 9- I managed to fracture my left collarbone during a P.E. lesson at school.

Fact 10- I had to resit year 10 at school, due to failing my final exams.

Fact 11- I am a big sports fan.

Fact 12- My dad used to play rugby when I was younger and took me to my first rugby match at 6 months old (not that I remember much)

Fact 13- I am going to watch the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand in June.

Fact 14- I once joined a gym but quit after only having 3 sessions.

Fact 15- I passed my driving theory test first time but it took me 4 attempts to pass my practical test.

Fact 16- My favourite Ice-cream is Fab.


Fact 17- My favourite sweets are Drumstick squashies.


Fact 18- I have never finished a full episode of Game of Thrones ( shocking I know, but I’m working on it).

Fact 19- I didn’t have a very strong interest in make-up and hair until I was around 18.

Fact 20- My nickname is Squidge and I’ve had it since the age of two.

And that concludes the 20 facts about me 🙂

Let me know a few facts about yourselves in the comment box below 😀

Lots of Love,

E xxxx


2 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me.

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  1. I enjoyed this Squidge and wondered about that nick-name. My nickname when little was Doll because i think cliff richard was in the charts with living doll and when little folk would say to my mum look at her curls just like a little doll. I was always chatting to my dolls too and my called me dolly daydreams–which i am–even now. You gotta have a dream. ALSO just like you with the driving test but gave up after my third fail–had to i was getting worse and worse and almost went into the driving centre building after one test going so fast couldnt wait for it to be over with ha ha. Thank god for bicycles as i cycled or bus or got a lift off friends boyfriends and now hubby! Hubby says i will have a car when these electric ones come out but i am not bothered as dont go far and when i do i prefer to fly–hey maybe the next thing will be all wings we can strap on and fly about! XX


    1. hahaha that would be brilliant wouldn’t it !! I was going to give up after my 4th attempt but luckily managed to salvage it haha. Glad you enjoyed it Karen and plenty more coming your way. xx


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