10 Favourite Foods.

Hello my lovelies,

How is everyone ?? Recovering nicely from the chocolate overdose from last weekend ?? I hope you have all had a FANDABULOUS easter. Sorry I haven’t been on top of this, I haven’t been very well.

But today I am talking about my 10 favourite foods. And believe me chocolate is not on that list right now.


1- Pommegranate- I recently rediscovered my love for pommegranate, it has got to be one of my favourite fruits.

2- Banoffee Pie- So yeah not really a food in itself I know, but man HOW can you resist banana’s, a biscuit base AND soft toffee (caramel) together ?? it is a godsend !!


3- Rasberry Sorbet- there isn’t really much else I can say about this, although I know rasberries aren’t to everyone’s taste there is something about that lovely refreshing tangyness it leaves on your toungue, That’s it I’m off to get sorbet !!

4- ANYTHING to do with Mangos. Especially in cocktails…. I rest my case !!!

5- Sunday Roast (Roast Dinner).  For those who don’t know what a sunday roast is……if ever you are in the UK or have a british friend, get them to make you a Sunday roast or pop into a pub and have a Carvery. Trust me you won’t regret this !!


6- Sushi. Okay so this one is probably a bit of a mixed opinion choice here but in my opinion the japanese are just geniuses with this one. You can try different types of sushi and put anything in it. Plus sushi classes are a must, you can now organise it as an event… Sipping wine with my girlies while making sushi in my pj’s ?? Sign me up straight away.


(the most common types of Japanese sushi)


7- Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas).  It reminds me of my growing up in Spain. My spanish best friend’s nan used to make the best Spanish omelette for us to take on school trips or to the beach, the mouth is watering just thinking about it !! 

8- Smoked Salmon. I always feel quite elegant when I eat smoked salmon and I can’t explain why. 

9-  Pizza. UUUUMMM…… I LURVE ME SOME PIZZA. Yep I might even write a song about pizza, and also I can’t cook pizza to save my life, but eating it….. yeah I  got no problem with that. 

10- And how could I forget my beloved Brussel sprouts, yeah they don’t have the best of reputations but my sunday roasts and Christmas dinners would be complete without them so #sorrynotsorry .

So I hope there is at least something you liked on here or would like to give it a try ??

What would your top 10 be ?? If there is something you think I should try let me know in the comment box below 🙂

Have a great weekend guys !!!

Lots of Love,

E xxxxx



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