Earliest childhood memory.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope everyone is well and all getting themselves ready for the week ahead. Last week  of April already !! I can’t believe it… where has this month gone ??

So today’s challenge is my earliest childhood memory. Now unfortunately I’m not living at home at the moment so I don’t have any of my childhood picture available to help rejog my memory or to be able to show you… although

I have one or two, I vaguely remember my first birthday, I had a lovely party thrown by my parents, with a tent in the back garden and a paddling pool and balloons and most importantly CAKE !!! mmmm this girl loves herself a good cake :).


But I think my most recurring memories where when I was younger we used to visit my grandma a lot, but because we didn’t live in the same town, we would have to travel quite a while to get there and back again, so usually we would stop over and spend a few days there 🙂 This was something we did on a regular basis and I had my little routine when I would  go into the kitchen and check if my Nan had some Thomas the Tank Engine yogurt ready for me (Yep my food obsession was real even back then) go into the living room and collect Sarah (who was my doll that lived at my Nan’s house) and take her for a walk round my nan’s garden and stop to have a drink, although it was out the bird bath :/ yep my bad drinking habits started then (don’t worry my granddad used to clean the bird bath before I arrived bless him) and then it was over to my nan’s neighbour for one of her famous meat and potato pies (yep you guessed it, more food).



Here are some little snappets of one of my first trips to my grandparents house with my parents.


Hope you all have a good week.

Lots of love,

E xxxxxxxx


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