Every Bit Of This… All Things Christmas !!! BLOGMAS DAYS 9 & 10.

Hello my loves,

How are we doing ?? Yes it’s Thursday today…. Booo I know !! But on the plus side only 11 sleeps till Christmas !!

So I do realise that I have been shockingly bad at updating this but nothing overly exciting happened last week, so I thought I’d tell you about last weekend the 9th and 10th of december 😀 Hence the title haha !!


On the Saturday I ticked off one of my dreams and attended the Frankfurt themed Christmas market in Birmingham which was INSANE !! I have been wanting to go since I was 18, so you can imagine how excited I was when we finally got there !!  we went late afternoon/ early evening ( roughly around 5.30/6PM so however you want to call it haha) and by then it was really busy so if you are not a massive fan of crowds or of having to move out the way of prams every 5 minutes, I would recommend you go either on a weekday or earlier in the day…. but anyway back to the AMAZINGNESS that is the market.

Well if you are anything like me and LOVE Christmas, it is deffinately worth the visit. We had Mulled wine and you have the choice to keep the mugs or not (yep I kept mine and walked round Birmingham with it all night) if you don’t want them though you get given a token when you get your drink, you simply return it and they give you your deposit back ( which if I remember off the top of my head is £3)

You also have cute little huts all lit up for you to go to and buy bits and bobs ready for Christmas. The decorations above all the stalls and huts are just phonomenal !! Like beyond belief good !! Here are some little sneak peaks.


In the last picture the ornaments spin round too !! It is so pretty it’s unreal 😀

We also went to this nice cocktail bar afterwards called The Lost And Found ( here is their website http://the-lostandfound.co.uk/ ) and I had the best cocktail ever called Lavender Sour and I can also highly recommend the Waterhouse Fizz !!

I also tried another new bar called Vodka Revolutions which was also incredible if you get the chance to go !! ( https://www.revolution-bars.co.uk/)

Then on Sunday having stayed in that area overnight, it had snowed !! Yep Christmas complete, well for around the first 20 minutes anyway, then came the chaos of trying to get things done, but luckily we were successful and I came back down to London to meet one of my best friends and go to Winter Wonderland 😀 😀 !! Yes THE Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park !!

Well it didn’t get off to the greatest of starts as me and my friend were both in opposite sides of the park at different meeting points, and then once I had gotten through security I managed to get a message to her on my location just before my phone died (yep hundreds of people walking round and I had no idea where my friend was) we both had second thoughts on staying where we were, or did we wonder off to find the other one, trying to use someone’s phone and then remembering I don’t know her phone number and I have no battery !! Anyway we finally found each other, and after a quick pit stop to buy myself more gloves ( yeah thank you snow for soaking my other pair) we continued with our evening, after a tour of the market, with some lovely hand crafted gifts on some of the stools, we headed to the Baverian Village, which was the highlight for me !! I mean it was all amazing, but mulled wine, lager and mead, mulled cider AND live music I mean what is there not to love !!

You have 2 stages outside, one with a man singing by himself and then a bit further along another stage with a spinning band, both of them ideal for a little sing song !!

I also tried the BEST mead I have ever tasted ( for those not familiar with mead it is basically mulled wine with honey which works amazingly well)  and left with three bottles to take home with me ready for christmas 😀

We sang and danced and it was great !! I would highly recommend it to anyone still looking to do something Christmassy or to get out the house for a while 😀

Here are a few WW snaps



Needless to say, best weekend ever !! Hope you enjoyed reading and you get the chance to enjoy these magical places, I for one will deffo be going back next year !!

Lots of Love,

Emily xxxxx




Every Bit Of This… All Things Christmas !! BLOGMAS DAY 2 & 3.

Hello my lovelies,


I hope you are all well and had a good weekend !! I’m sorry I’ve been really naughty and joined these two together (trust me to forget to write a draft ready to upload the day before)


So I got my advent calendar finally !! Yes I may have walked past them so many times but I was determined to wait until the first of December so I could get into the Christmas spirit and not be bored of it by day 6 having peaked too early.  I went to M&S and was lucky enough as they had a few left on offer (well reduced to clear actually, but I’m not going to complain at paying  £1 for an advent calendar either)

So I went for a Paw Patrol calendar as I knew my goddaughters would find it amusing and also I’m still a child at heart and I mean how can you resist a calendar with cute firefighter puppies ?!

I also went to my friend’s house on Saturday for her birthday, which was lovely!!! Plus like me she loves Harry Potter and even had Harry Potter decorations (I don’t know where she got all of them from, but I know there was this ball-ball was from Primark)


And then we went out and witnessed the first of a whole season of Christmas office parties and yes… they WERE wearing christmas jumpers I might add !! Yep every single one of them, and I’m not going to lie I did feel a little jealous (although I’m saving my Christmas jumper for national Christmas Jumper Day)

On Sunday it was back to work for me, but outside they were hosting a Christmas party for families, and I also got to watch a nativity… yep the festivities have officially started !!

Can’t wait for it to continue !!!

Lots of love,

Emily xx

Every Bit of this… All Things Christmas !! BLOGMAS DAY 1.

Good afternoon my beautiful People,


Yes it’s that time of year again !! Let the festive season commence 🙂 So I’m going to be posting daily and talking about All Things Christmas !!

This year is going to be different to most other years, for starters I’m spending my first Christmas back in the UK (where I’m originally from) for a while, unfortunately I won’t be spending it with my parents this year but you can’t have everything, plus it gives me the chance to see my other relatives 🙂

I know Vlogmas is very popular but I am useless at editing videos and also am very forgetful, so I am just going to blog it to you instead !! I will also be keeping you updated with goings on and things that I get up to over the next 25 days and places I visit !!

I have just tucked into my first Stollen bite today (you can never go wrong with stollen) I chose the Aldi ones (well I was given them in a Hamper but I will update you with that another day, but for the record there won’t be many stollen bites left come Monday).

Xmas daay 1

I better run guys as I still need to buy my chocolate advent calendar and then I am going to a new wine bar with my auntie !!

Hope you are all ready to get in the Christmas spirit !! Do you have any traditions ??

Lots of love,

Emily xxx



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