Hiya June 

Hey My loves,

Hope you are all well !! Well it’s June already 🙂 all of us up here in the Northern hemisphere are gearing up for summer now wooo !! Longer nights, warmer days (well in most cases anyway), pool parties, beach days the works. 

Hope you are all ready and have a great month !!

Lots of love, 

E x 

Piercings and Tattoos

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and having a lovely bank holiday weekend 🙂

So today I am going to talk to you about piercings and tattoos…. which is a subject which depending who you talk to can cause quite a stir !!

I myself have no problem with them at all… well I can’t really as I do have two tattoos myself so that would be a little strange and hypocritical wouldn’t it !!!

I always wanted a tattoo since the age of 14 but could never decide what it was that I wanted… plus my mum who wasn’t too keen on the idea of tattoos at the time had warned me that if I returned home with one before the age of 18 ( as she said it was my responsability then) that I would be homeless and disowned. Now knowing my mum I don’t think it’s a threat she would have carried out but I didn’t fancy risking it just in case she proved me wrong !!

Between the ages of 14 and 16 I had quite a few ideas in my head of what I would get when I turned 18 but none of them really stuck as I was constantly changing my mind and wasn’t too serious about it as I still had a long while until it could actually happen.

So rather than that I decided to get a second stud in my left earlobe at the age of 14, in the beginning I was scared that my mum would find out as she wasn’t too keen on the whole idea of having more than one piercing on each ear, I think she still stands by that rule to this day… Sorry mum.

But by the age of 15 the novelty of 2 piercings had worn off, and my friend wanted to get her helix done, so she asked me to go with her, as we got to the pharmacy she panicked and asked me would I get a piercing too if she treated me to it as a late christmas present !! Now to this day I don’t ever recall saying yes, but alas 20 minutes later I was sitting in the chair with the pharmacist holding my ear in one hand and a pen in the other asking me where I wanted my piercing to go, as there was no pre-planning I just pointed to my left ear and walked out one earring heavier.

And with that the countdown to my tattoo was on !!! From 17 onwards I was focused on getting that ink I had so desperately wanted, but again I STILL couldn’t decide on what I wanted :/ I really had warmed to an infinity sign but before I knew it every sod under the sun was getting one form of infinity sign or another… three of my friends at college turned up with infinity sign tattoos in the space of a week, so I quickly realised that rather than my quirky idea of getting the sentence “Live the life you love,love the life you live” it could be taken as a cheesy cleche!!

So I slowly let go of that idea and finally at the age of 19 (yeah I know so much for my whole “I’m going to get a tattoo the minute I turn 18″ fase) I had settled on an idea that had some meaning to me. I have the sentence There is always a reason to Smile tattoed on my right thigh and whenever I am stressing over something small or am having a bit of a rough day I just remember the sentence I have there, plaster a smile on my face and crack on. Although sometimes I do forget that it’s there and have been known to have one or two minor scares in the shower… whoopsie.



A year later I decided I was ready for my second, again I needed something that had a strong meaning to me, and even if I was the only one who could understand it or ralate to it I don’t mind because at the end of the day it is on MY body.

But I digress….. back to my second tattoo, I have the word Ohana tattoed on my left hip. I love this tattoo for two reasons one LILO AND STITCH ( I feel this needs no further explanation, because it’s lilo and stitch #childhoodgoals) in the film they mention the sentence “Ohana means family”. I have been very lucky to have an amazing family so to me those two words just went hand in hand. When I was younger we moved abroad so I have a bird to represent the fact that my family aren’t on my doorstep but are never too far away.



I was very lucky with my tattoos as they were both designed by the same artist and she was absolutely phenomenal, as all I did was went into the parlour and gave a rough description of what I was looking for and right before my eyes she designed my little beauties 😀

So now it’s back to the drawing board ready for my next move. Have you got any tattoos or piercings ?? Have you got any ideas ?


Hope you enjoyed my little story .

Lots of love,

E xxxx

Earliest childhood memory.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope everyone is well and all getting themselves ready for the week ahead. Last week  of April already !! I can’t believe it… where has this month gone ??

So today’s challenge is my earliest childhood memory. Now unfortunately I’m not living at home at the moment so I don’t have any of my childhood picture available to help rejog my memory or to be able to show you… although

I have one or two, I vaguely remember my first birthday, I had a lovely party thrown by my parents, with a tent in the back garden and a paddling pool and balloons and most importantly CAKE !!! mmmm this girl loves herself a good cake :).


But I think my most recurring memories where when I was younger we used to visit my grandma a lot, but because we didn’t live in the same town, we would have to travel quite a while to get there and back again, so usually we would stop over and spend a few days there 🙂 This was something we did on a regular basis and I had my little routine when I would  go into the kitchen and check if my Nan had some Thomas the Tank Engine yogurt ready for me (Yep my food obsession was real even back then) go into the living room and collect Sarah (who was my doll that lived at my Nan’s house) and take her for a walk round my nan’s garden and stop to have a drink, although it was out the bird bath :/ yep my bad drinking habits started then (don’t worry my granddad used to clean the bird bath before I arrived bless him) and then it was over to my nan’s neighbour for one of her famous meat and potato pies (yep you guessed it, more food).



Here are some little snappets of one of my first trips to my grandparents house with my parents.


Hope you all have a good week.

Lots of love,

E xxxxxxxx

10 Favourite Foods.

Hello my lovelies,

How is everyone ?? Recovering nicely from the chocolate overdose from last weekend ?? I hope you have all had a FANDABULOUS easter. Sorry I haven’t been on top of this, I haven’t been very well.

But today I am talking about my 10 favourite foods. And believe me chocolate is not on that list right now.


1- Pommegranate- I recently rediscovered my love for pommegranate, it has got to be one of my favourite fruits.

2- Banoffee Pie- So yeah not really a food in itself I know, but man HOW can you resist banana’s, a biscuit base AND soft toffee (caramel) together ?? it is a godsend !!


3- Rasberry Sorbet- there isn’t really much else I can say about this, although I know rasberries aren’t to everyone’s taste there is something about that lovely refreshing tangyness it leaves on your toungue, That’s it I’m off to get sorbet !!

4- ANYTHING to do with Mangos. Especially in cocktails…. I rest my case !!!

5- Sunday Roast (Roast Dinner).  For those who don’t know what a sunday roast is……if ever you are in the UK or have a british friend, get them to make you a Sunday roast or pop into a pub and have a Carvery. Trust me you won’t regret this !!


6- Sushi. Okay so this one is probably a bit of a mixed opinion choice here but in my opinion the japanese are just geniuses with this one. You can try different types of sushi and put anything in it. Plus sushi classes are a must, you can now organise it as an event… Sipping wine with my girlies while making sushi in my pj’s ?? Sign me up straight away.


(the most common types of Japanese sushi)


7- Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas).  It reminds me of my growing up in Spain. My spanish best friend’s nan used to make the best Spanish omelette for us to take on school trips or to the beach, the mouth is watering just thinking about it !! 

8- Smoked Salmon. I always feel quite elegant when I eat smoked salmon and I can’t explain why. 

9-  Pizza. UUUUMMM…… I LURVE ME SOME PIZZA. Yep I might even write a song about pizza, and also I can’t cook pizza to save my life, but eating it….. yeah I  got no problem with that. 

10- And how could I forget my beloved Brussel sprouts, yeah they don’t have the best of reputations but my sunday roasts and Christmas dinners would be complete without them so #sorrynotsorry .

So I hope there is at least something you liked on here or would like to give it a try ??

What would your top 10 be ?? If there is something you think I should try let me know in the comment box below 🙂

Have a great weekend guys !!!

Lots of Love,

E xxxxx


Old Photo Of Me.

Heyaa guys,

Hope you are enjoying your first day of the easter break 🙂

Today I was asked to post an old picture of myself as my blogging challenge.

And here we are…


Yep in all my finery and my wonderful Little Mermaid top (yep I practically lived in that top from the age of 4 until the age of 7, and even then it was a very tearful goodbye, my first mini heartbreak you could day)

This picture was taken at the Flamingo Oasis hotel in Benidorm (Spain). I was 6 years old, yeah I was a short ass when I was younger, these things happen haha. We had gone to visit some old family friends of ours.

While we were there with our friends we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner after a lovely day just playing in the pool, doing activities at the kids club and going on the slides, it was at this point that I managed to humiliate myself ( not for the first time and deffo not the last I might add) by shouting to my mum across the really busy restaurant ” Look mum they have Brussel sprouts, I love brussel sprouts” !! Yep, I was then given a balloon by the rep of the kids club for being a good eater.. and that made my day 🙂

What can I say…. This girl loves her veg and ain’t afraid to show it !! Or announce it either by the sound of things haha !!

Enjoy the rest of your friday 🙂

Lots of love,

E xxxxxxx

My Favourite Quote.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope everyone is well and are getting themselves ready for easter 🙂

So my challenge today is to post my favourite quote… from the only and only Audrey Hepburn. Now I don’t know what it is about that wonderful woman but man I love her and have so much respect for her.

I have a lovely poster of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my room that my nan bought for me for my 11th birthday  🙂 I absolutely love it !! She has many quotes but this one has to be my favourite, so here we are !!

Best Audrey Hepburn Quotes


This phrase has always fascinated me, and whenever I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall, I repeat this phrase to myself in my head. An inspirational quote from an inspirational woman.


I hope you have enjoyed today’s read and I will be back with you tomorrow.

Lots of Love,

E xxxxxxx


20 Facts About Me.

Hello my lovelies,

So today is day 2 of my 31 day challenge… and today I will be revealing 20 facts about myself, here we go ……

Fact 1- My middle name is Louise.

Fact 2- My star sign ia Virgo.

Fact 3- I was born in Essex.

Fact 4- I moved away from Essex to Scotland when I was 3.

Fact 5- I then moved again when I was six.

Fact 6- I am left-handed, where as both of my parents are right-handed. 

Fact 7- My first word in Spanish was “helado” which is ice-cream (useful when you are six)

Fact 8- My first word in English was mum or dad, not very original I know but hey.

Fact 9- I managed to fracture my left collarbone during a P.E. lesson at school.

Fact 10- I had to resit year 10 at school, due to failing my final exams.

Fact 11- I am a big sports fan.

Fact 12- My dad used to play rugby when I was younger and took me to my first rugby match at 6 months old (not that I remember much)

Fact 13- I am going to watch the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand in June.

Fact 14- I once joined a gym but quit after only having 3 sessions.

Fact 15- I passed my driving theory test first time but it took me 4 attempts to pass my practical test.

Fact 16- My favourite Ice-cream is Fab.


Fact 17- My favourite sweets are Drumstick squashies.


Fact 18- I have never finished a full episode of Game of Thrones ( shocking I know, but I’m working on it).

Fact 19- I didn’t have a very strong interest in make-up and hair until I was around 18.

Fact 20- My nickname is Squidge and I’ve had it since the age of two.

And that concludes the 20 facts about me 🙂

Let me know a few facts about yourselves in the comment box below 😀

Lots of Love,

E xxxx


Hello again everyone,

So I have decided to get back into the swing of things now that I have sorted my routine out (finally after 21 years, we have some progress, there is faith yet!!).  I went back to Spain for a couple of weeks in Febuary just to sort myself out and enjoy a little rest before going back to work.

Although I did drink my own and various other people’s body weight in alcohol so most of my evenings felt like this…

But I am now back in the swing of things and  have decide to do a 31 day blog challenge to keep me active and give all of you fabulous people a chance to get to know me a little better 🙂

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to sharing this with you .

Lots of love.

E xxx

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