New Year, old me.

Well Hello again everyone,

Happy new year to you all !! Hope you all had a great festive period.

Well lets hope for my sake and yours that I actually sort myself out this year and organise my blogging again.

So we are in the last days of January, and I’m not being funny but it feels like January has been going on forever !!!

So a complete update from last year, I now no longer have my beloved car, unfortunately I had a crash 2 weeks before christmas due to bad weather (RIP Bianca…) was very lucky and only managed to fracture 2 of my fingers, thank goodness for airbags!

I also got myself a new job, being a live-in carer, which is a bit different, and for those that know me are probably thinking how the bloody hell I managed to get myself into that line of work… so I will tell you, but keep it short and sweet, my dad unfortunately had an accident last year and wasn’t in very good health so I looked after him and it got me thinking that if I could, why not try and help others that need it ?? so I applied online to a company and went on training course, passed and got the job.

I am now on my third placement and am looking forward to the new challenges 2017 brings.


Lots of love,

Emily x

Back in Business.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s nearly that time again,another year is nearly under our belts.
Firstly I’m very sorry for my ridiculously long hiatus. Even though it doesn’t feel like it when I look back it’s actually been a pretty busy year. I’ve come to realise it’s not only physical or material acheivements that are the backbone of being productive and moving forward with things in life. I’m not going to bore you with everything in one post, so I’ll fill you in little by little.

It’s been a strange year really, full of ups and downs all over. There was the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (also known as the brexit movement) and also very recently the American elections of their 45th president to govern America (but we wont go into that).

So… the last time I wrote to you all I had just passed my driving test and was feeling on top of the world, I had been on the pull and was trying to get out there and sort myself out having not been able to do so the year before (2015).


February rolled around and I was lucky enough to get a car as a part of my 21st birthday present. The deal was they would pay for the car and I would pay for the insurance. It was such a great experience to be able to go places independently, I finally felt like a proper grown up (trust me anyone that knows me well enough, knows that’s a shock for anyone, I’m the biggest child around, but in a good way of course).


It was also Valentine’s day on the 14th of that month too, now that day could go either way, for people in relationships it can be a wonderful day, don’t get me wrong, it can be for single people too, but a lot, like me for the past 2 years, it can be a good excuse to sit and mope and eat pizza. But for some strange reason I was feeling rather good about it this year, so I decided, why shouldn’t I enjoy that day ?! So I came up with an idea…. me and my single friends would celebrate our love for each others friendship, I mean… It counts right?!… my first celebration of the day was celebrating my love for sport with a friend, so we went and watched our respective teams play football then we watched the rugby ( a strange choice I know, but being brought up in a family with 6 male figures it was bound to happen). Then in the evening I went out with two other friends and we went to a Valentines themed party, now usually I would be quite timid about it, but for some strange reason I was surprisingly optimistic about finding my dream man at this party, but alas I was wrong, unless you count a 43 year old man who spilt his drink down me and then claimed that I moved in the way of his drink to get his attention… Somehow I dont think it would have lasted !! Towards the end of February not a lot of interesting things happened really, so I wont bore you with it all.

It feels good to be back mind… Thank you again for your patience and for taking the time to read this.

Lots of Love,
Emily xxx

The J bomb

So here we are January leaving us again !! its been a fun month this time around… not that it hasn’t been in the past, I just have a very bad memory, like what did I have for breakfast this morning ? nothing because i forgot to have it! …… See a pattern forming here ?


Anyways.. January, a month of change, new year resolutions, the official end of Christmas and festivities for a little while… sad times. But also a new beginning.


Unfrotunately my new year hangover got the better of me, between the alcohol and the energy drinks I was very ill.

something like this would describe it


Mind you i don’t think rolling in at 12:30 pm helped the situation. I did however learn that if you are going to fall asleep in a car DO NOT go without water !! the Sahara dessert has more water in it than my mouth did that day.

Also in January I managed to pass my driving test !!! YIPPEEE !

And last but definitely not least I actually went out on the pull (for those who aren’t familiar with the term it basically means meeting someone on a night out and having a little kiss) something I have never been successful at doing until two weeks ago, I managed to do it. Yep, I stopped becoming a nervous wreck and actually managed to pull myself together and sort it all out !! Who knows maybe I might actually be able to become more successful this time round !!

Lots of love


I’m back

First of all, I would like to apologise for my lack of blogging over the past few months, unfortunately when they were giving out organisaton skills, I obviously skipped the queue.


Second of all, Happy New Year to you. Hope you had an amazing time, I was lucky enough to spend it with my friends and family and

But now all the festivities and celebrations are slowly coming to an end it is time to get back down to business.

Hope you are doing well.



Lest we forget ❤️

Today is a very important day. 97 years ago the brave men and women at the battle front made history by putting an end to one of the bloodiest and deadliest wars of all time. Known as the “Great War” it was the first of its kind, stretching over various continents, neighbouring countries at war with each other.Many brave people fought and lost their lives and those who were lucky enough to return, were physically, mental and emotionally scarred. It was a hard time for their generation, something I don’t think we would be able to endure in the world today. We owe those men, women and children so much for all that they sacrificed for us all.every year I buy a poppy and even though it is nothing compared to what they have done for me, it makes me feel proud to carry their memory and legacy on, unfortunately less and less people are becoming aware of what this tradition actually means. So if you have time, please spare a few seconds to think and honour all those brave people. 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.